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Wesley Wrestling Documentary

Since 1998, Amarillo Wesley Community Center Wrestling program has grown into an elite program that is recognized on both state AND national levels. Our wrestlers compete on the state and national stage every year. We want to showcase our excellent program to the world and are very excited to involve our community in our latest fundraising efforts for a new documentary series directed and produced by Sharpened Iron Studios. 

With all of the funds raised, Wesley Club Wrestling will be able to produce a professional film that can be viewed on several different platforms. However, our goal is to secure a steaming service such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Peacock, and more. Ultimately, if the docuseries is secured by a streaming service, revenue from the purchase will go directly into the wrestling program. Our dream is to build a state-of-the-art wrestling facility in Amarillo and be able to host different camps, tournaments, and practices. We want to give our wrestlers the best quality training and wrestling experience.


What sparked this project? We have an amazing program, an elite wrestling coach and talented wrestlers! Our goal is to give our program exposure to the world. We want to shine light on what goes on behind the scenes, so everyone can witness the extreme sacrifices of our coaches, wrestlers, and parents.

Sports documentaries are increasingly being purchased by streaming services, however, there are very few documentary series in the market that address youth sports and their impact on the community. The few shows that have showcased youth programs have been very successful, and we feel that this could be a very successful venture.

To meet our fundraising goal of $639,160, it will truly take a village. These initial funds will go towards film development, production and travel cost of producers, directors, and crew.  We believe in providing top quality filmmaking to give us the best opportunity for our docu-series to be purchased by a top streaming service. We want to provide
the absolute best video, picture, and sound quality.

We hope we can count on your support. Thank you for reading about our mission and Wrestling program. May you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to me at (806)372-7960 or

Fundraising Goal

We have not yet raised any money toward our goal and we need your help!

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