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The Wesley CC Programs:

The Wesley Community Center of Amarillo makes the health and care of its community our highest priority. We believe that helping those in need of counseling services is a vital function we can play in Amarillo. The following services are offered via a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern under the supervision of a Licensed Profession Counselor. These services have helped countless Amarillo citizens and we plan to expand the lessons, techniques, and opportunities for personal growth to more people. 

Click on any of the below counseling services for more information and times available. 

We offer a unique Individual Therapy service for those looking to find more opportunities in individual exploration and a better quality outlook on life. 


Marriage Therapy can produce some of the most rewarding results and one of our primary therapy programs. 


Family Therapy is a great program for families develop key functioning techniques and deeper family chemistry.


In addition, to our family therapy, we also offer a unique program that provides families and primarily children with therapy via Play Therapy