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- Donate to the Amarillo Wesley Community Center

Thank you for your consideration and support for the Amarillo Wesley Community Center. To donate to the Amarillo Wesley Community Center by using a credit card or paypal, please click on the 'Donate' button below.


We thank you for your consideration in helping fund the Amarillo Wesley Community Center. We take every dollar and seek to get the most positive and meaningful results. We seek to find constructive ways to be involved with children, youth, and senior citizens. 


With your generous help we are able to keep our services at a high quality with ability to reach deep into the city's heart and build, heal, and support those who are most under-served in Amarillo. The Amarillo Wesley Community Center is forever grateful to those who support with any amount. We believe every cent can be efficiently used to benefit those under-served individuals and families in our community.

Help us, help you make you difference.  






Mother Teresa in India


“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” 
 Mother Teresa

Wesley Would Like to Thank:

  • David D. & Nona S. Payne Foundation

    Thank you to the David D. & Nona S. Payne Foundation for your recent donation of $10,000 made to the general operations of AWCC!

  • City of Amarillo-CDBG

    Thank you to the Community Development Block Grant for your continued support! This year Wesley will be receiving $14,000 in support of the Wesley Club Wrestling Program and $125,000 for the Wesley Restroom Remodeling Project.

  • Thank you United Way Youth Cabinet

    Thank you United Way Youth Cabinet for your continued support! The BTS Program was awarded $2,000 for new audio equipment and our youth program were awarded $2,250 towards new playground equipment.

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  • Amarillo Area Foundation

    We would like to thank the Amarillo Area Foundation for consistent and amazing support for the Wesley CC Amarillo!!! The have been amazing partners.