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    "The Wesley Community Center provides invaluable services for all ages from daycare to mentors to wrestling to Zumba to senior care. The community is a much richer place because of all the activities offered through the ...

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We have many great opportunities for volunteering. From gardening to helping with events to general tidiness of the facilities we can always use an extra helping-hand from the community.

We hear many times that people tell us they wish they had money to donate to the causes of the Wesley CC but for one reason or another they are uable to donate, however, they ask if they can donate their time to volunteering and helping us. Volunteering in fact is a huge help to the Wesley CC and our mission, and we believe that it takes a team to conquer these great goals. 

There are two ways to find out options and ways you can help the Wesley CC help the community of Amarillo:

1.) Call 806-322-3033

2.) Come to the Amarillo Wesley CC

It just takes one person to make a world of difference. 

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