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Wesley Updates:

  • UMW Food Pantry/ Clothing Closet

    UMW food pantry and clothing closet are permanently closed. We apologize for the inconvinience. 

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    "The Wesley Community Center provides invaluable services for all ages from daycare to mentors to wrestling to Zumba to senior care. The community is a much richer place because of all the activities offered through the ...

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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors play a very important role for the Wesley CC Amarillo. We have an extremely special group of individuals who are made up of leaders and experts from many parts of our community. They graciously volunteer their time, energy, and resources. They engage in frequent discussions and participate in projects that guide the Wesley into the future. We are proud to call the following our Board of Directors. 
Executive Board of Director
  • Janie Rivas, President
  • Dixie Surratt, Vice-President
  • Walter Webb, Treasurer
  • Pam Zwickey, Secretary
Board of Directors
  • Rev. Paul Bauernfeind
  • Shirley Benton-Hunt
  • David Elizalde
  • Janie Rivas 
  • Robert Ruiz
  • Jane Ann Stewart
  • Adam Stone
  • Dixie Surratt
  • Walter Webb
  • Pam Zwickey
  • Manny de Los Santos
  • Jordan Herrera
  • Javier Herrera
  • Joe Dan Wilson 
  • Jerry Branch

Foundation Board Members

  • Daniel Martinez, Chairman
  • Isabel Ramon
  • J.E. Sauseda
  • George Veloz
  • Abe Lopez
  • Richard Gower
  • Todd Wetsel
  • Walter Webb, Liaison