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    "The Wesley Community Center provides invaluable services for all ages from daycare to mentors to wrestling to Zumba to senior care. The community is a much richer place because of all the activities offered through the ...

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Amarillo Wesley Community Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency established in 1951 and incorporated in 1972. Historically, Mrs. Maria Fields and a group of volunteer women from Polk Street United Methodist Church began providing sewing classes, English as a Second Language classes, arts and crafts and athletic activities for youth, and day care services to an underserved Hispanic neighborhood in Amarillo. Former Executive Director Jacinto Alderete served at the Center for 32 years and brought the Center we have today located at 1615 S. Roberts St. Following Mr. Alderete, Mrs. Belinda Gonzalez Taylor served for 15 years and implemented several youth programs such as the “Behind the Scenes” Modeling and Mentoring Program and Wesley Club Wrestling. Liz Rascón Alaniz currently serves as Executive Director and focuses on civil rights, social action, welfare and meeting basic human needs. She has implemented a new Social Services Department and is focused on new and upcoming Capital Campaign Projects. 


Wesley Would Like to Thank:

  • David D. & Nona S. Payne Foundation

    Thank you to the David D. & Nona S. Payne Foundation for your recent donation of $10,000 made to the general operations of AWCC!

  • City of Amarillo-CDBG

    Thank you to the Community Development Block Grant for your continued support! This year Wesley will be receiving $14,000 in support of the Wesley Club Wrestling Program and $125,000 for the Wesley Restroom Remodeling Project.

  • Thank you United Way Youth Cabinet

    Thank you United Way Youth Cabinet for your continued support! The BTS Program was awarded $2,000 for new audio equipment and our youth program were awarded $2,250 towards new playground equipment.

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  • Amarillo Area Foundation

    We would like to thank the Amarillo Area Foundation for consistent and amazing support for the Wesley CC Amarillo!!! The have been amazing partners.