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Wesley Updates:

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    "The Wesley Community Center provides invaluable services for all ages from daycare to mentors to wrestling to Zumba to senior care. The community is a much richer place because of all the activities offered through the ...

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    If you have any questions feel free to contact us at (806) 372- 7960.


Wesley Would Like to Thank:

  • David D. & Nona S. Payne Foundation

    Thank you to the David D. & Nona S. Payne Foundation for your recent donation of $10,000 made to the general operations of AWCC!

  • City of Amarillo-CDBG

    Thank you to the Community Development Block Grant for your continued support! This year Wesley will be receiving $14,000 in support of the Wesley Club Wrestling Program and $125,000 for the Wesley Restroom Remodeling Project.

  • Thank you United Way Youth Cabinet

    Thank you United Way Youth Cabinet for your continued support! The BTS Program was awarded $2,000 for new audio equipment and our youth program were awarded $2,250 towards new playground equipment.

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  • Amarillo Area Foundation

    We would like to thank the Amarillo Area Foundation for consistent and amazing support for the Wesley CC Amarillo!!! The have been amazing partners.